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Product Details

Raw cotton is not just a fiber

Raw cotton is the backbone of the textile industry, offering a versatile and sustainable fiber that has shaped civilizations and continues to influence fashion, comfort, and functionality in our daily lives. Its journey from field to fabric symbolizes a harmonious blend of nature, human ingenuity, and technological advancements. At Salasar, we are dedicated to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, ensuring the highest quality raw cotton that meets all the Quality Management System standards under ISO 9001. Join us in embracing this remarkable natural fiber for a brighter, more sustainable future.

  • Product Name - Staple (MM)

    MCU 5 - 29 TO 31mm
    Shanker-6 Quality Cotton - 27.5 TO 29.5mm
  • Product Name - Micronaire Value (NCL)

    Shanker-6 Quality Cotton - 3.5 0 4.9
  • Product Name - Strength G/TEX (ICC)

    Shanker-6 Quality Cotton - 21-23
  • Product Name - Strength GPT (HVI)

    Shanker-6 Quality Cotton - 28-29
  • Product Name - States Grown

    Shanker-6 Quality Cotton - Saurashtra - Gujarat