Salasar Balaji Group
(The Best Raw Cotton & Yarn Manufacturer from India)
Since its foundation in 1980, Salasar Balaji group has grown its business exponentially in the field of ginning, spinning and commodity exports. With 3 decades of experience in the field of cotton supply and almost a decade of experience in the spinning industry the group has successfully managed in consolidating their position nationally as well as internationally. Projections for the next few years suggest the expansion is set to continue.
Consistency, quality and passion in every endeavor are the hallmarks of the organisation. With such set benchmarks in all areas the group continuously is in pursuit of excellence towards unparalleled reliability and growth.The group’s strength apart from its quality products, are its values and beliefs in building strong and long standing relationships with all its customers and associates for mutual growth and development.
Raw Cotton Sree Astalaxmi Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd Soyabean meal Extraction
India is world’s 3rd largest cotton producers. We are the reputed and trusted exporter/ importer of Indian raw cotton.

We have our own spinning and ginning mills with 60000 spindles capacity at Adilabad in addition to having direct association with more than          .....More Soy is a good source of protein because it contains a significant amount of essential amino acids.  

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